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Acupuncture: The individual is considered as a whole and not separate from their complaint(s). Complicated health conditions and chronic pain can be treated holistically showing fast and significant improvement.

What the client can anticipate from a Classical treatment: 

A first Classical Acupuncture session includes a health intake and an Acupuncture treatment.  It can take up to one and one half hour.  Fine needles and sometimes other therapies (cupping, plum blossom or moxibustion) are applied to appropriate areas of the body for maximum results.  Follow-up treatments are 60 minutes.

Auricular (or Ear) Acupuncture is a complete healing system using points on the ear for pain or relief of symptoms anywhere on the body.  It is highly effective for smoking cessation, overeating, anxiety and reducing stress.

What the client can anticipate:

Auricular (Ear) Acupuncture:  A first session includes a health intake and an ear Acupuncture treatment.  It can last up to 45 minutes.  Follow-ups will take up to 30 minutes.  Patients are treated fully dressed, seated or lying down.  Most patients find treatment very relaxing.  Fine needles or silver pellets are placed on the appropriate ear acupuncture points.  Pellets can stay in place for up to a week giving subtle ongoing relief.   

Ann provides Wellness Services to corporations to help reduce absenteeism.  The severity of many health problems can be reduced through Acupuncture and Qi Gong.

Especially low back pain and other injuries and the frequency of common respiratory illnesses.




Ann Reibel-Coyne, L.Ac.

Qi  Gong


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